A Marriage Proposal in The 21st Century

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“One of the most awkward moments in world history has to be speaking to a shortlisted arranged marriage candidate for the first time” ~ Chetan Bhagat


This was exactly 1 month and 1 day after she met the man, whom she calls her husband today.

She was dead against proposals because who knows who you are marrying in to, and why guys couldn’t find someone by themselves. Well, who was she to speak when she failed too. But, in her defense, her stories and justifications are different (she’s biased that way).

Also, let’s not forget the deadline given by her parents to get married (nobody understands parents’ rush). She had a year from October 2016 – October 2017. Find someone or someone will be found.  Sigh! And if she finds someone, parents will not go through the history of his ancestors, astrological myths and star mathematics to mix and match, but if they find someone, they can take him through the whole harangue of astrological calculations, star signs and all that torture.

So, she has completely given the burden to her parents, saying no to everyone who comes her way. When her parents were almost about to give up,  one of her father’s friend’s wife decided to propose a son of this friend’s friend, who was looking for a daughter-in-law, for a very long time.

There goes her independence!

Parents got super excited because referrals are way more stronger, reliable, accepted, and everything than the unknown devil has to offer.

First day

He dropped her a text. She always verifies unknown people, if she can’t register them or recall them, too bad, they are blocked! However, he passed through the verification process and they started speaking. Boy, he was nice. His language was really good, ten points for that. He was not too clingy messaging her or too spaced out. And for everything – he was in the middle. She loves middlegrounds, a much better place than the extremes.

Fourth day

They decided to meet. Tsing Tao (good selection she thought). He has booked a table at the top most floor (it is anyway in the second floor, so basically it was on the THIRD floor!!!!), and to get there was through a steep set of stairs and to her luck, unfortunately, she was wearing a 4-inch heel, a polka dot mini skirt and carrying a heavy handbag. That was a hike! She was panting, with a little wheeze and a red face out of sheer embarrassment. Had it been ten more steps, she would have been crawling up the stairs.

Moving on… they both enjoyed the food, the conversations were amazing – one topic after another, about everything and anything, not missing the in between awkward jokes and silences. All the while, she saw him falling for her. What she loved the most? His smile, the aura – never had she ever felt such a bubbly, lively, vibe from anyone. Not anyone who was close to her anyways (he was definitely hers)

Six months down the line

They got engaged. Legally married on paper!

One year later

They were busily preparing for their wedding in one month’s time. Never did she ever thought marriage proposals would work out in this day and age. It was such an understatement. Oh please note, there is a BIG difference between a marriage proposal and an arranged marriage. She was in the former.

So, what happened during the year:

  • Parents thought they were a match made in heaven. 86% to be exact (People would be billionaires without any financial bucket lists if astrology could be this true!)
  • The inner circles of both parties were introduced and guess what – everybody loves everybody. Everyone got along with each other just fine. This was a big tick on the checklist for her.
  • The friends were the bonus. They meant the world to them from both sides. Extended families were formed and accepted gracefully.
  • He encouraged her to pursue her passion for writing which she has completely almost given up.
  • The first to many arguments. Obviously, once the honeymoon period ended, they unwillingly welcomed real life drama – the flaws, the irritable manners, the nitpicks and all of that. And, she picked on every battle, every single one of them. And he has never argued, raised his voice nor has he initiated one.
  • Figured out the cooler one – HIM. Always with a smile, no grudges.
  • He is driven and she is a spendthrift.
  • Decided on whether to build a house or live in an apartment. House it was! (for him). With a cacti garden, balcony, turquoise walls, red French windows, library, and many more (for her).
  • Decided between to travel or to live. Travel – never settle in one place. Prague was her favourite, Iceland is his.
  • Family planning. 3 babies for sure. Both loved big families.
  • They met almost every single day until they got married, he came to see her with the most ridiculous excuse.

It was beautiful to see everything unfold right before your eyes. The best part was they took it by the day and played it by the ear, but hey there were times when all hell break loose.

Was it perfect? NO! That’s the beauty. It is a beautiful working progress.

Now, how do I know all of this – because I’m that girl.

Fall in love everyone xx

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